WordPress Maintenance Service

Can you relate this?

“I am busy with marketing and business operation activities and hardly have time to look after website maintenance.”

“I can’t find time to run technical upgrades to my websites.”

We get that. You have a lot to do. As an entrepreneur, we understand you’ve to wear multiple hats to run the show. We’ve setup a WordPress maintenance service that enables you to keep your laser focus on growing your business while leaving the tech management to us.

We’ve got your back. Anytime you need help with tech issues, you will find our friendly support team right there.

What does this WordPress website maintenance service include?

Secure Cloud Backups
There’s no need to panic in case adversity hits your website. We take regular off-site cloud backups and use them for restoration purpose whenever a need arises.

WordPress Updates
Every now and then there is a new release from WordPress and theme makers. And it is utmost important to install those upgrades to ensure security and future-proofing of your WordPress website. Before running upgrades, we deploy them on a staging solution and after proper testing, go live on the main website.

Content Updates
Launching a new product? Have a news to share? Want to add a new service page? Our WordPress experts will keep your website fresh and crisp.

Design Updates
Looking to get a blog image designed, perhaps a post design for Instagram and Facebook?  Our highly experienced designers will make eye-watering designs for your website or social media.

Bug Fixing
We are at arm’s length to provide fixes for your site on the WordPress platform.

Security Scans
You never have to worry about security of your WordPress website. Using industry leading security tools and a combination of regular manual scans, we can help ease any security concerns.

Speed Optimization
Humans, Google and every sane person hate slow websites.  Not to worry. If your website is slow, our experts are all game to identify and fix speed issues.

Website Restoration
Woke up to a dead website? Don’t panic. Our WordPress experts are always on the money to mitigate or restore potential damages.

Uptime Monitoring
We setup automatic alerts to receive information in case your website goes down. We then instantly roll up our sleeves to find the cause and fix it.

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