WordPress ThemeSetup Service

Do you have a brand new WordPress theme but worry that you would not be able to setup correctly?

Do you get confused because of way too many theme options?

If you find it difficult to install the WordPress theme or simply do not have time for this, we can help.

We can also recommend you a theme for your business.  We shortlist themes that religiously follow the mobile-first approach and provide a seamless user experience across all devices.

What does this WordPress theme setup include?

Install WordPress
If you do not have a WordPress core installed, we will first install WordPress on your hosting.

Install WordPress theme + required plugins
After you send us your WordPress theme, we will be happy to install the WordPress theme and required plugins. If you are unsure of the theme, we’ll be happy to recommend a few themes.

Import theme’s demo content
If the theme has demo content, we will import that too.

Add your name and logo
We will upload your logo image and ensure that it looks in the best possible shape both on small and large screens.

Integrate Google Analytics
We will add Google Analytics code to all the pages so that you can instantly start tracking your website visitors.

Integrate Facebook Pixel
We will add Facebook Pixel code to all the pages so that you can retarget your website visitors with Ads.

Setup website security
We have a security checklist for WordPress. We will ensure you get foolproof security for your WordPress.

Ready for our WordPress theme setup service?