WordPress Theme andPlugin Customization Service

Can you relate this?

“I have purchased a WordPress theme, however it does not blend well with my logo.”

“I can’t find a way to add a call to action button in the navigation.”

“How do I create shortcodes and call them wherever I want?”

And the list goes on and on.

Often our clients find great themes and plugins that meet their project requirements. However, they get stuck when it comes to improvements. Improvements can stand out their website and can add great value to their bottom-line.

They are left with two choices:

  1. Go to their theme or plugin developer and ask them to make those customization.
  2. Hire a WordPress professional.

First option is likely not suitable because theme developers are flooded with such requests and can hardly make any time for these.

Later is the best choice if you want an express service.  Give WP.Express a shout!

What Does WordPress customization include?

  • Theme customization
  • Plugin customization
  • WooCommerce customization
  • Plugin development
  • Payment gateway integration

Have a customization request?